Hip Hop

The Hip Hop syllabus fulfils the needs of an ever-increasing dance community – a fusion of music and dance. Students will be trained with a basic foundation of Hip Hop, accuracy and safety in technical training for specific Hip Hop movements. At the same time, the program also helps students improve their musical perception, comfort in expressing emotions and encourage physical development. Students will study with an international training program. 

  • For younger/beginner students: Introducing Hip Hop music and dance, gain awareness of musicality, enhance body development and improve social interaction through dance 
  • For older/intermediate and advanced students: Develop the skills, techniques and understanding of dance knowledge through the subject of Hip Hop. 
  • To improve balance, control and coordination of different body parts   
  • To confidently demonstrate different styles of Hip Hop   
  • To improve musical and rhythmic expression.   
  • Improve mental and physical health    
  • Release stress after school    
  • Express personal style through music and dance.  
  • Class model: Group (Max. 15 students) 
  • 4-month course, 2 sessions a week, 60 minutes per session. 


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