Giáo Trình Và Nền Tảng Giảng Dạy Quốc Tế

Trinity College London

VIA Education cooperates with Trinity Book Publishing to introduce international standard music teaching materials to all music learners in Vietnam. Through technical exercises, educational games, faculty and student duets, and activities that develop musical sensibility, Trinity Music Publishing offers a diverse curriculum. Tailor-made for each level. 

Trinity’s books summarize the most popular lessons on the Trinity exam syllabus and provide valuable teaching information, helping students expand their knowledge and explore different musical trends and styles. 

Alfred Music

“Help the world experience the joy of music!” – Alfred Music 

Alfred Music is the world’s largest publisher of music textbooks. Alfred Music provides teaching, reference and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals and music lovers of all levels, with a wide range of styles and instruments. together. 

 Since 1922, Alfred Music has continuously supported more than 10 million students, music teachers and music lovers/playing music as a daily hobby. Currently, Alfred Music has more than 150,000 titles in circulation. 

 The Alfred Music curriculum is recognized by Trinity College London as the official foundation program for students who want to study at Trinity and take the Trinity College London international certification exam. 

Poco Studio

Featuring eye-catching color illustrations throughout the curriculum, the Poco music book system offers a fun-filled world of interactive lessons and games that encourage children to explore and experiment. and approach music in a whole new way.

Charanga . Online Music Teaching Platform

Charanga Music School International – Award winning entry-level E-learning Platform. This is a work of elite quality made over many years by a team of dedicated educators, technical staff, and professionals who share a passion for music. 


Charanga is changing the way music is taught and learned in many schools with the following advantages: Teaching music step by step The library is always updated with songs, themes, instrumental courses and apps Innovative applications Supports assessment, grading and personalization of teaching and learning Includes a comprehensive Professional Development Program and Teacher Training Program. 


Each year, VIA Education provides over a hundred examinations for students, teachers, and musicians who wish to challenge themselves, showcase their own style and obtain a global recognition. Continuing from year 2021, please see the exam schedule for Trinity Digital Grades of year 2022 in Vietnam as well as how to register below!