This course gives students the opportunity to experience the joy of accessing the musical arts through their favorite songs, from basic to advanced. Learners are not only equipped with specialized knowledge of music, but also have the opportunity to interact with many different cultures through the various sounds of the guitar. In addition, listening skills – combined with accompaniment music – are also integrated while finger and hand control skills are also a point of focus. Above all, the study of the guitar is an exciting journey into the world of music, where music leads the learner into an exploration of the many cultures of the world. 

  • Music perception 
  • Music knowledge 
  • Practice guitar skills 
  • Using the correct posture. 
  • Relaxing the body while playing the instrument. 
  • Being able to read and understand the musical notation system. 
  • Learning some specific guitar technical requirements corresponding. to each level. Matching playing tempo to that of a   backing track. 
  • Being able to understand and express the musical style of each song. 
  • Improving  musical perception. 
  • Obtaining vocal knowledge and skills. 
  • Improving language skills. 
  • Improving musical interactivity. 
  • Being able to read and understand the musical notation system. 
  • Experiencing many different music styles. 
  • Improving concentration. 
  • Taking international vocal certification exams (optional) 
  • Starting age: from 6 years old 
  • Class model: Group Class (maximum XXX students) for foundation level or private classes for advanced levels 
  • Course duration: 4-month course, 2 sessions/ week, 60 minutes/ session. 


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