The course is the progression of learning fundamental principles of Imperial Classical Ballet through correct postural awareness and the understanding of correct ballet technique. Classical Ballet is the founding figure for dance posture which helps students to achieve their learning objectives while preventing injuries and allowing the spine to be in the correct alignment. All students will learn with the international curriculum based on ISTD* methods, taught by ISTD certified dance teachers. 

  • Further develop musicality and rhythm 
  • Facilitate correct technique training 
  • Learn correct Imperial Classical Ballet terminology 
  • Develop strong postural awareness and poise 
  • Learn all the requirements for the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet examinations 
  • Interconnect mind & body 
  • Enhance self-confidence 
  • Increase socialisation 
  • Reduce stress & anxiety 
  • Enhance health & physical fitness 
  • Improve stamina & conditioning 
  • Develop sensory & spatial awareness 
  • Improve academic learning process & performance 
  • Highlight personal portfolio. 
  • Age range: 5 years old and above 
  • Course duration: 1 – 2 classes per week 
  • Course schedule: 60 minutes per class 


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