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    Modern Jazz

    Modern Jazz

    General description

    Influenced by Jazz music and Broadway, the Modern Jazz dance programme will facilitate correct Modern Jazz technique, and the execution of movement and performance skills. It will encourage students to develop a sense of rhythmic awareness essential to Modern Jazz dance. All students will learn with the international curriculum based on ISTD* methods, taught by ISTD certified dance teachers.

    Learning objectives

    – Learn solid Modern Jazz techniques and posture
    – Understand correct Modern Jazz terminology
    – Develop a good sense of rhythm and musical timing
    – Improve physical fitness, strength and flexibility

    Course details

    Age range: 5 years old and above
    Course duration: 1 – 2 classes per week
    Course schedule: 60 minutes per class

    Learning outcomes

    1. Mental:
    – Interconnect mind & body
    – Enhance self-confidence
    – Increase socialisation
    – Reduce stress & anxiety

    2. Physical:
    – Enhance health & physical fitness
    – Improve stamina & conditioning
    – Develop sensory & spatial awareness

    3. Other Benefits:
    – Improve academic learning process & performance
    – Highlight personal portfolio