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    Hip Hop

    Hip Hop

    General description

    The Street Dance syllabus fulfils the needs of an ever increasing dance community – a fusion of music and dance. ISTD* curriculum offers styles such as breakdance, locking, popping and groove.

    Learning objectives

    – For younger/beginner students: Introduce Hip Hop music and dance; gain awareness of musicality, enhance body development and improve social interaction through dance.
    – For older/intermediate and advanced students: Develop the skills, techniques and understanding of dance knowledge through the subject of Commercial Hip Hop.

    Course details

    Age range: 5 years old and above
    Course duration: 1 – 2 classes per week
    Course schedule: 60 minutes per class

    Learning outcomes

    1. Mental:
    – Interconnect mind & body
    – Enhance self-confidence
    – Increase socialisation
    – Reduce stress & anxiety

    2. Physical:
    – Enhance health & physical fitness
    – Improve stamina & conditioning
    – Develop sensory & spatial awareness

    3. Other Benefits:
    – Improve academic learning process & performance
    – Highlight personal portfolio