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    Creative Movement

    Creative Movement

    General description

    The course is designed to introduce dance to 3 and 4 year olds through a structured programme based on imagination and fantasy, where all the basics of dance are approached through play, fully respecting the physical and cognitive development of the growing child.
    The children, through play and imagination, are guided to discover their artistic and creative potential whilst learning the fundamental components and concepts of dance – shape, time, space, energy, weight and dynamics, etc.

    Learning objectives

    – Inspire little children to dance with joyful, carefree movements
    – Structure the youthful expressions in a fun and educational way
    – Explore and learn new basic locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, crawling, skipping, sliding, galloping and leaping

    Course details

    Age range: 3 – 4 years old
    Course duration: 1 class per week
    Course schedule: 45 minutes per class

    Learning outcomes

    1. Mental:
    – Interconnect mind & body
    – Enhance self-confidence
    – Increase socialisation

    2. Physical:
    – Enhance health & physical fitness
    – Develop sensory & spatial awareness