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  • Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary Dance

    General description

    The Contemporary Dance programme will follow traditional methods with a modern infused set of foundational techniques to support this dance form that integrates the work of three pioneering choreographers: Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Jose Limon. The coursework incorporates contact work, release techniques, fall and recovery, floorwork and improvisation, with creative freedom in order to build the fundamentals for students to have a better understanding of their body as well as enhance their abilities to connect to their inner feelings.

    All students will learn with this international curriculum based on NATD* methods, taught by NATD certified dance teachers.

    Learning objectives

    – Introduce the basics of Contemporary Dance techniques
    – Strengthen and condition the body for dance
    – Develop a sensitivity to music
    – Develop expression and performance qualities

    Course details

    Age range: 12 years old and above
    Course duration: 1 – 2 classes per week
    Course schedule: 60 minutes per class

    Learning outcomes

    1. Mental:
    – Interconnect mind & body
    – Enhance self-confidence
    – Increase socialisation
    – Reduce stress & anxiety

    2. Physical:
    – Enhance health & physical fitness
    – Improve stamina & conditioning
    – Develop sensory & spatial awareness

    3. Other Benefits:
    – Improve academic learning process & performance
    – Highlight personal portfolio